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The welfare of our migrant workers and our clients' security are important to us. In appreciation of this, we can offer no less than seven certifications. We have certifications ranging from housing to tax administration, and from safety to health. Each year, competent authorities review these anew. Thus, we maintain and renew our certification and you can be sure you will find a reliable partner in us.


The Stichting Normering Arbeid (SNA) has established a mark of approval in the national NEN 4400-1 standard. The standard has been established in close cooperation between employers and employees organizations, and in consultation with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Finance. Doing business with a NEN 4400-1 certified employment agency means doing business with a reliable employment agency who processes and delivers premiums and employee administration obligations correctly, and who is regularly inspected too.

Interwel - Certification - NEN-4400-1


It can be difficult for migrant workers to find proper housing in the Netherlands. A good employment agency offers housing for migrant workers. A good, spacious, safe and fully-equipped living space, including additional costs at a fixed amount per week, with no profit objective. Temporary employment companies who comply with the strict conditions of the Flex Wonen Foundation (SNF), are SNF certified and are registered in the SNF register.

Interwel - Certification - SNF


Interwel is a member of the NBBU, the Nederlandse Bond voor Bemiddeling- en Uitzendorganisaties. An NBBU employment agency knows its market like no other, and meets the highest quality standards. The NBBU ensures its members are reliable, professionally operating companies that observe the laws and regulations, while taking their complexity into account. Strict controls are carried out in this regard. NBBU members must be SNA certified. This certificate guarantees that the laws and regulations that result from the provision of temporary employees are complied with.

Interwel - Certification - NBBU


VCU stands for Veiligheid en Gezondheid Checklist Uitzendorganisaties (Safety and Health Checklist Employment Organizations). VCU certification is intended for companies who send staff to construction or maintenance companies on site, in factories or workshops and at plants. All employees are informed of the possible risks that may arise during the work, and which management measures may be taken by this procedure before commencement of work.

Interwel - Certification - VCU
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