Housekeeper cleaning
Nieuwleusen, Netherlands € 480 - € 520 Per week
Nieuwleusen, Netherlands € 480 - € 520 Per week
About the job

Interwel is looking for a responsible housekeeper/cleaner to manage tasks in group accommodations, living facilities, offices, and vehicle fleets. As a cleaner, you'll be responsible for cleaning communal areas, bathrooms, and toilets in the living facilities provided for assigned staff. Your cleaning duties will supplement the weekly cleaning carried out by residents.

The tasks follow a schedule and include mopping, vacuuming, surface cleaning, window cleaning, dusting, and cleaning toilets, bathrooms, and kitchens. The job is for 40 hours a week, spread over five days from Monday to Friday.

As a cleaner, you also have a reporting role, alerting your team leader to any issues in the living facilities, so regular maintenance can ensure residents have safe, clean, and well-maintained living conditions.


  • Presentable, motivated, and reliable
  • Physically capable of cleaning work
  • Driving license B
  • English communication skills (level A2/B1)
  • Experience is a plus
  • Living in the Nieuwleusen area or willing to live in Interwel housing

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