In payrolling, an employer selects his new worker. But once you reach an agreement with this candidate, we take care of the rest. We employ the worker and provide staff and salary administration, even in case of illness. Unlike with temporary workers, an employee can now only work for a single employer. In addition, the employee is flexible. An employer only receives an invoice from us for the worked hours. With payrolling, a contract can be terminated at any time.

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The benefits for the employer:

  • Attract employees yourself
  • No own payroll administration
  • Flexible contracts longer than two years
  • No payment obligation at the end of the work
  • Employees can be deployed and called up flexibly
  • No sickness and absenteeism risk
  • Only invoice for hours worked
Intwel - Services - Payrolling - Employer benefits

The benefits for the employee:

  • Salary paid on time and correctly
  • Contract can be terminated immediately
  • Right to holidays and holiday allowance
  • Continued payment in case of illness
  • Compensation for waiting days
  • Collective benefit in employment insurance
  • Personal pension plan
Intwel - Services - Payrolling - Employee benefits

Services We provide flexible work

Should you sign a temporary or permanent contract? Part-time or full-time employment? Yes or no to probation? At Interwel you can find answers to all questions about work and the filling of any vacancy. We provide various tailor-made services: recruitment & selection, outsourcing, payrolling and secondment. Thus we provide for the need for flexible employment with both employers and employees.

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