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A successful match begins with knowledge of the industry. Which is why we are only active in the metal, logistics, production, recycling and horticulture sector. Our intermediaries come from these sectors themselves and really understand them. We speak the lingo and know the processes within these sectors.


There is a large shortage of skilled and certified metal workers on the Dutch labour market. From metalworkers to CNC operators, and from welders to powder coaters. Whether it's with yacht builders, construction companies or foundries; there are many vacancies. So if you are looking for a job or staff, we will be looking for a successful match.

Intwel - Industries - Metal


In the dynamic logistics industry, it is either running full speed ahead, or idling. The need for staff differs with the seasons, or even daily. We are specialized in non-driving personnel for distribution centres, transfers and cold storages. From order pickers to sorters, and from forklift drivers to loaders. Whether you are looking for a job or for staff, we are happy to assist you.

Intwel - Industries - Logistics


Even in the production sector, quiet times interchange with busy and hectic periods. But no matter what stage a cabinet maker, printing company or carpet factory finds itself in, orders must be delivered on time. That's why we look for efficiently working operators in this environment. In warehouses, behind the machines or on the conveyor belt. We bring job seekers and employers in search of staff, together.

Intwel - Industries - Production


While heading towards a sustainable future, more and more specialists in collecting and processing waste from old paper, plastic and recycled metals are emerging. The need for collectors, sorters and processors is growing in this industry. We would like to assist you as a job seeker in finding such a job, and as an employer in finding staff.

Intwel - Industries - Recycling


Horticulture represents a strong sector in the Netherlands. Fruit and vegetable growers, tree nurseries and arable farmers provide a continuous export flow. And a large demand for employees for caring, pruning, cutting or picking their crops. We like to find work in this sector for Polish women who come to our country with their husbands.

Intwel - Industries - Horticulture
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