Why Interwel Attention for migrant workers

Why Interwel
Why Interwel Attention for migrant workers

Comfortable living space, a solid car and a job coach who is available before, during and after work for our migrant workers. At Interwel we realize that personal attention does something with people. Our employees feel appreciation and motivation to perform in the work floor. And employers benefit from this in turn.

Successful match

We combine our eye for the welfare of people with more than fifteen years of experience, extensive knowledge of the sectors in which we operate (metal, logistics, production, recycling, horticulture), versatile services (recruitment & selection, staffing, payrolling, secondment), full certification and our own recruitment network abroad. This way we always ensure a successful match with professional knowledge, language, professionals and workmanship.

  • We have expertise like you
  • We speak professional language with you
  • We find professionals for you
  • We deliver workmanship to you

Great industry knowledge

A successful match starts with knowledge of the industry. That is why Interwel employs intermediaries who come from the metal, logistics, production, recycling or horticulture sector. They speak professional language and know the processes within these sectors.

Great industry knowledge - Why Interwel

Multifaceted service provision

Employment mediation must always meet the requirements of migrant workers and employers, which is why we offer multifaceted service provision. With recruitment & selection, staffing, payrolling and secondment, we can meet all labour needs thanks to our professional knowledge. Interwel is also the right address for those hard-to-fill vacancies.

Multifaceted service provision - Why Interwel

Our own recruitment network

We have our own recruitment network to find professionals. Abroad we work with our own recruiters. They have an extensive database of potential employees and maintain good contacts with the most visited vacancy websites.

Our own recruitment network - Why Interwel

Full certification

The welfare of our migrant workers and our clients' security are important to us. In appreciation of this, we can boast no less than seven quality marks. From accommodation to tax administration and from safety to health, we have various certifications, which are regularly checked.

Full certification - Why Interwel

Comfortable accommodation

We house our migrant workers in homes close to their work in order to limit commuting. And to please our foreign professionals, all our living areas have good central facilities for cooking, showering, washing, sleeping and relaxing.

Comfortable accommodation - Why Interwel

Personal job coaches

Help in understanding the tangle of Dutch rules, guidance during a visit to the doctor and turn up if there is a problem during the weekend. Our multilingual job coaches are available before, during and after work for our foreign professionals. They are also the point of contact for employers.

Personal job coaches - Why Interwel

Practical training courses

We offer our migrant workers various practical training and language courses. In this way, we contribute to their development to provide professional work. We give our employees the opportunity to achieve their personal goals and ambitions, and we offer employers the option of training temporary workers as required.

Practical training courses - Why Interwel

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