Why Interwel Attention to labour migrants

Why Interwel
Why Interwel Attention to labour migrants

Comfortable accommodation, a good car and a job coach who is there for our mostly Polish migrant workers, before, during and after work. At Interwel, we realize that personal attention does something to people. Our employees feel appreciated and motivated to perform in the workplace. And employers benefit from this.

Successful match

We combine our concern for the well-being of people with more than fifteen years of experience, great knowledge of the industries in which we operate (metal, logistics, production, recycling, horticulture), versatile service (recruitment & selection, outsourcing, payrolling, secondment), full certification and a private recruitment network in Poland. This way, with professional knowledge, professional language, professionals and workmanship, we always ensure a successful match!

  • We have expertise like you
  • We talk the lingo with you
  • We find professionals for you
  • We provide you with workmanship

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