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Rollecate 71
7711 GG Nieuwleusen
Interwel - location Nieuw Leusen

Why Interwel Attention for migrant workers

Why Interwel
Why Interwel Attention for migrant workers

Comfortable living space, a solid car and a job coach who is available before, during and after work for our migrant workers. At Interwel we realize that personal attention does something with people. Our employees feel appreciation and motivation to perform in the work floor. And employers benefit from this in turn.

Successful match

We combine our eye for the welfare of people with more than fifteen years of experience, extensive knowledge of the sectors in which we operate (metal, logistics, production, recycling, horticulture), versatile services (recruitment & selection, staffing, payrolling, secondment), full certification and our own recruitment network abroad. This way we always ensure a successful match with professional knowledge, language, professionals and workmanship.

  • We have expertise like you
  • We speak professional language with you
  • We find professionals for you
  • We deliver workmanship to you
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Contact How can our professionals help you?

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