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As a sprayer, you will be responsible for painting various vehicles and trailers. You work independently and meticulously with an eye for detail. You are the person who ultimately applies the final coat of paint to the p... Read More

As a paint assistant you will be responsible for the initial finishing of various vehicles and trailers. Your duties will include: Degreasing and sanding of structures, vehicles and trailers Filling and sealing body... Read More

We are looking for a car mechanic to join a company that provides car servicing and repairs for individuals, leasing companies, fleet owners and businesses in the region. Your duties will include the following: Maint... Read More

Our client makes customised steel structures. Your duties: Manufacture semi-finished products and metal profiles from a drawing Welding Assembling the final product Thinking along in the development of new products Read More

As a welder you will be responsible for the careful welding of various steel structures. You will weld thick steel structures. Pre- and post-processing is also part of your job.  Read More

Your duties will include the assembly of air handling units, ie: assembling the metal frame containing brackets for all kinds of electronic controls. assembling the sheathing around the frame Read More

As a metalworker, you will cut, set, saw, grind, and punch, in short, all preparatory work for assembly and production. It's all about preparing the metal in the right way for the welders and assemblers. ... Read More

As a drilling machine operator, you operate the machine to perform drilling and tapping operations on steel profiles (such as H-beams). You place these profiles on the drilling line using an overhead crane. Then, you sel... Read More

As a production worker, you will be involved in the production of various large baking moulds for professional bakeries. You will perform a variety of activities. This means that you may work at the bending machine in th... Read More

We are looking for a fitter who enjoys installing and maintaining water softeners at individual customers. You will get into a service vehicle equipped with all the necessary tools and get to work according to the agree... Read More

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