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As an aluminium fabricator you will be responsible for assembling aluminium frames/panels of doors and windows in the production hall. Ability to read a technical drawing and willing to work as part of a team are essenti... Read More

As a production worker you will be responsible for recycling white goods and other metal parts (no household waste). You will work on the conveyor belt and segregate your specific part of the recycled product in the corr... Read More

Our client is a medium-sized horticulture company. All tasks are always performed on the conveyor belt and are carried out 52 weeks per year. As a agricultural worker you will be responsible for: hanging up, cleaning, we... Read More

Work involves loading and unloading trucks and in the warehouse: placing pallets and goods on site. You will also collect orders and ensure the correct distribution of goods as well as prepare the goods for shipping (str... Read More

As a laser operator, you will produce high-quality products using state-of-the-art laser equipment. Your work includes: loading, operating, adjusting and unloading machines. You will also independently carry out the appr... Read More

The work involves laminating, finishing, sanding, filling and spraying polyester boats. Everything is created from a mould and maintained. The work takes place indoors. Read More

For one of our customers who manufactures polyester boats, we are looking for an experienced polyester processing worker. Your responsibilities include: final treatment of components and hull polishing, grinding and... Read More

In this job, you help in the packing and final assembly department of towbars. You are in charge of collecting the different parts to be shipped with the towbar and assembling them. Read More

As a logistics employee, you will be responsible for maintaining the smooth running of the organisation's various logistics processes. Your job is physical, as you will have to stack 20kg bags from different pallets onto... Read More

As a trailer construction locksmith you will be responsible for the fabrication, machining and assembly of metal parts and structures used in the manufacture of trailers. Duties and responsibilities: Reading and interp... Read More

You will be assisting with the laying of artificial turf on sports fields and/or gardens. Often you will be working in a team of 3 to 5 people, each with their own task, which includes: setting heights, ground work, crea... Read More

As a conventional turner, you are a true professional. You know what metal chipping is, you know all about cutting speeds and feeds to get the right chip and surface roughness. Of course, you know how to read drawings an... Read More

You are responsible for supplying the wooden materials to the machines, as well as receiving the already finished products. These finished products can include: standard and non-standard pallets, europallets, partitions,... Read More

We are looking for people to work on a machine preparing bricks for dispatch. The employee's duties include: Starting the line Starting the computer and selecting the programme Placing pallets on the line Quality ... Read More

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